General Terms :
All music remains the copyright of the composer Satoko “Holly” Young, also referred to as Skittlegirl Sound.

By accepting any music files from Skittlegirl Sound, whether under Skittlegirl Sound’s Custom Music License or Royalty-Free Music License, you acknowledge and agree to the stated terms, conditions and limitations of use contained in the applicable license.

Custom Music License :
This music license option is used when a group/company/person commissions Skittlegirl Sound to create a piece of music especially for them and to their specific guidelines. The use rights for the created piece are exclusive to the purchaser, which means only they (the group, company or individual) have the sole right to use the music.

To request custom music, please contact us via this form.

Rights Granted :

  • You are granted license of the custom music which is created by Skittlegirl Sound an exclusive, non-transferable, single project license to use the licensed music in your multimedia project.
  • You are authorized to synchronize the music in timed relation with a single production, such as an application, game, film, internet video, photo slideshow, presentation, or other digital media.
  • You are authorized to make adjustments to the file in order to change file types, adjust the length or loop of the music, or alter the overall volume.

Limitations :

  • The music must be used as an accompaniment to the main production.
  • The music is exclusively created for use in relation to a single project and cannot be used in any other projects.  A sequel to the licensed project is considered a different project and thus requires a new license in order for the sequel to use previously licensed custom music.
  • You are not authorized to add lyrics, vocals or additional instruments or sounds to music from Skittlegirl Sound without the express written permission of Skittlegirl Sound. Note that narration, voiceover or any other word based content that is supplied as a narrative to the project itself and is independent of the music track shall not be considered lyrical or vocal content.
  • You are not authorized to make any changes to the files provided other than the adjustments stated above.
  • You are not authorized to remix the music or sample the music and use it along with other musical material.
  • You are not authorized to copy, duplicate, resell, provide access to, or give away unsynchronized music from Skittlegirl Sound by any means including soundtrack, stand-alone downloads, ringtones, streaming audio, audio CDs or any other delivery method without the express consent of Skittlegirl Sound.
  • Once the completed piece is delivered, changes may be requested but may require additional fees depending on the work needed for the revision.

Payment :

  • Payment is due within 72 hours upon delivery of the custom music. If revisions are requested, payment is due within 72 hours upon delivery of the revised custom music.
  • Once the music is delivered, you will not be charged any additional royalties or fees for the future use of the custom music within the terms of this agreement.
  • Payment is accepted via PayPal, Amazon Pay, credit cards by Stripe and Braintree.

Accreditation :
Accreditation is not required however if you like our work we would appreciate it if you would credit us as follows:

Music Composed by Skittlegirl Sound


Music Composed by Satoko “Holly” Young


If you have any questions regarding the use of our music, licenses, or any questions or problems regarding any of the above information, please let us know via the contact form.


© Satoko Young / Skittlegirl Sound

All music created by Satoko “Holly” Young