Retro-Style RPG (TBA)

Theme and in-game BGM created for upcoming Retro-style RPG. The game is currently under development and the details TBA.

Salty Seabird Bay

Theme and in-game BGM created for a pirate-themed local play party game called “Salty Seabird Bay“!

Multitap – Twitch channel

Theme Music for Twitch Channel called Multitap!

In Harm’s Way

Soundtrack for a mobile RPG called “In Harm’s Way“!
This soundtrack is available at Bandcamp.

The Silver Desert Scoundrels

Theme, Battle Music and BGM created for upcoming webcomic/ videogame / visual novel “The Silver Desert Scoundrels“.

Legena: Union Tides

Soundtrack for JRPG style game called “Legena – Union Tides“!
This soundtrack is available at Bandcamp.

Hyper Cell

Soundtrack for an addictive minimalist survival platformer called “Hyper Cell” for Windows 8, WP8, and Android.
This soundtrack is available at Bandcamp.

Bunker – The Underground Game

The theme music for a fun and cool game called “Bunker the underground“.
This soundtrack is available at Bandcamp.

Other Custom Music Works

  • Crucible – for isometric RPG
  • Unseen – a game created for Ludlum Dare 27 Game Jam
  • Spiral – for Super Polygon
  • Poxii and Foxii, Hop hop hop! – for Poxii Pocket Puzzle for Android, available on Google Play.
  • This Means War! , Hold The Line!, Shoot And Scoot!, and Forward, March! -for Avatar Honor and Duty for XBLIG.
  • Theme Music, Dance With Death, Rock Macabre for 2D platformer “metroidvania” style game called “Arcane Ghosts” for iOS.
  • Destined Battle – for a retro JRPG style game
  • Magical Zoo – for research project at Stanford University
  • Theme Music Sample and Theme Music Sample : Orchestra Arrangement – for a JRPG style game

Mother Earth – Gaia

Music for an unpublished iOS shooting puzzle game “Gaia”.

This soundtrack is available at Bandcamp.

Higanbana – Lycoris Radiata


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