Day 16! Almost there! Today I picked up the following quest form “Quest Logs” Level 5:

  • Powered-Up: Write a short, 10-seconds-or-less musical cue for when a character gets a major upgrade or power-up.

When I saw the quest, a melody started to play in my head. I opened my DAW and just recorded the melody with piano sound first. Then, I thought that the melody I made would fit well with 8bit / chiptune sound! I loaded “Super Audio Cart” to my DAW and created three tracks to make the piece retro-style.

It became a simple but cheerful fanfare! Here’s my Day 16 challenge :

Now you’re powered up, let’s move forward!

(UPDATED September 2018)

I went ahead and finalized this sketch! Now it’s available at our Royalty-Free Music Shop, so please check this out!