Today I tried something I’ve never tried before: Reverse the existing piece and make music with it.  Today’s challenge is this :

  • The Flip Side: Take a melody that you’ve written and invert it, reversing the direction of all intervals. Write a new piece based on this inversion.

To be experimental, I used my Day 2’s track for this. At first, I inverted the melody.  But it’s kind of close to when I did “Taco Cat” challenge, just creating a counterpoint for the inverted melody and decorating the track.

So I decided to go further and reversed the sound itself. (The sound which sounds like rewinding cassette tape, that’s the reversed sound.) Then, combined the reversed sound with the inverted melody played by Bell/Glockenspiel sounds. I added Strings Pizzicato along with it, then finally, added some percussions (triangle, sleigh bell, and maracas.)

It turned out whimsical, strange, somewhat mysterious, and fun!

Here’s the outcome!


(UPDATED September 2018)

I went ahead and finalized this sketch! Now it’s available at our Royalty-Free Music Shop, so please check this out!