I did it, we did it!!

Today is the last day of “The 21-day Composition Challenge”! Today, I chose the following challenges to celebrate:

The 21-day Composition Challenge

  • Sweet, Sweet Victory: Write a short, celebratory fanfare to play after the successful completion of a quest or battle.
  • BOSS FIGHT – The Whole Shebang: Write a piece that utilizes all of the instruments in a modern orchestra. No whining about your sample library; this is an exercise in orchestration – NOT audio engineering. Start with a solid tune and then orchestrate – do NOT start with a blank session with every orchestra instrument because that can be incredibly overwhelming. For tips on orchestration, read this page which offers the best single-serving tutorial on orchestration I’ve ever found.

So the “The Whole Shabang” was the last item in “Quest Logs”, and I thought that’ll be a good challenge to end this journey.  I already did “Sweet, Sweet Victory” on Day 10, but this would be a good fit as well!

So, combine these two challenges, it’ll be a victory jingle with orchestra!

To start, I played some jingles on my piano and then recorded them on DAW.

Then, I shaped and re-organized it as a guide track.

This is the guide track and has all the information I need to finish this piece.

The first part starts with run-ups and trills, so I added woodwind run-up and trill sounds.

Then, I added Timpani rolls and hits, as well as Triangle sound.  Then added other percussions like Cymbals and Gong.

Then, I added Brass and strings to create harmony. Then, I decided to make violin and oboe play the melody in the middle. After that, add sounds here and there, and finally, the fanfare is done!

Here’s the outcome:

I hope you enjoyed my journey as much as I did!

So, now everything is done… I’m currently planning to finalize these 21 pieces I wrote for this challenge and make all of them available to my Royalty-Free Music Shop.  So, please let me know which one was your favorite, and I’ll definitely finish it up first!

(UPDATED September 2018)

I went ahead and finalized this sketch! Now it’s available at our Royalty-Free Music Shop, so please check this out!