Today’s challenge is another interesting one!

  • Using the following concept art created by Kate Miterko and make music

This artwork is for an upcoming game that is currently operating under the code name “Trinity.”

Description of the environment is: “The environment is a dark, mysterious forest, with strange pods networked through the trees surrounding an abandoned warehouse.”

Although I see the light in the picture, from the description I thought the music should be a little on the dark side. After looking at the picture for a while, I decided to use strings (ppp long tone, cluster, effects, etc), piano arpeggios, some kind of metal melodic percussion (I ended up choosing celesta), female chorus, and an ambient sound.  Then, I decided to add Basson and played melodies with it.

Here’s the outcome!

(UPDATED September 2018)

I went ahead and finalized this sketch! Now it’s available at our Royalty-Free Music Shop, so please check this out!