Day 19! Two more to go!

Today, I decided to try the following challenge from “Quest Logs” Level 5 :

  • Samurai Joe: The scene you must score is a cutscene during which the main character is being told the story of a legendary Samurai hero.

When I see the word “Samurai”, I imagine Shakuhachi. So, I loaded a Shakuhachi instrument (VENTUS Shakuhachi by Impact Soundworks) to my DAW.  To go along with it, I also loaded some Koto sounds.  This one, I just created some chord progressions, then improvised melodies with Shakuhachi sounds. Each instrument has its own “phrasing” and I wanted the melodies to be more natural for Shakuhachi.

Also, I decided to add a Koto glissando phrase at the intro, since the challenge says “story of a legendary samurai” and the glissando is for the scene change.

Then, I added piano and strings sounds to fill the background (Koto-sound-only was not bad, but I wanted to add a little bit of drama.)  Finally, I decided to add some Japanese percussions as well.

Here’s the outcome!

Enjoy the melancholic Japanese music!